Featuring the Regenerative Chef and Founder of Plant Culture - Cameron Sims

On Saturday, October the 12th, 2019, guests were invited to immerse themselves in a sharing dining experience like no other, a transformative opportunity to discover a unique herbal palate.

This first of its kind event on Waiheke was a premium hemp dining experience that skilfully fused iconic local produce, ancient mind- expanding herbs, and plants into mouth-watering recipes, taking attendees on an unforgettable culinary journey.

Hosted in the private upstairs lounge at Found Cafe in Surfdale, Waiheke Green Cross showcased the innovative and indulgent talent of New Zealand’s leading Hemp Chef, Founder of Plant Culture - Cameron Sims.

Cameron’s talents have been profiled recently in Vice, Denizen, TV 1, TV 3and TED Talks.

Hemp seed is the most nutritious seed on the planet because it's a complete protein profile, rich in Omega 3 6 & 9, packed with essential vitamins and minerals - plus it's delicious.

Hemp is an ancient crop and a widely misunderstood plant. Before hemp got lumped in with

cannabis and made illegal, humans have been making use of it since the dawn of time. So with a recent law changes in New Zealand putting hemp back on the scene, folks are starting to get


This is an exciting time to be in the Hemp industry and we look forward to bringing you some fantastic dining experiences in the future that educate and delight plus expand your mind.

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