Since 1991, well over 100,000 bottles from collectors around the world have been assessed at Penfolds Re-corking Clinics

Wine enthusiasts in Singapore enjoyed the rare opportunity of having the health of their prized Penfolds wines assessed when the internationally acclaimed Penfolds Re-corking Clinic visited the Lion City. More than 200 bottles were opened and re-corked at the Singapore Re-corking Clinic.


Hosted by a team of four Penfolds winemakers including Chief Winemaker Peter Gago at the St. Regis Singapore, the free after-sales service is the only one of its kind in the world and allows wine lovers to taste the rewards of their patience in Penfolds red wines aged 15 years and older.


A record-breaking 540 bottles of Penfolds wines were registered for re-corking including rare collections such as a complete collection of Grange from 1951 to 1998, which is the youngest vintage eligible for re-corking. 


Experts from leading wine auction house, Acker Merrall & Condit, were also present to provide guidance to Singaporean wine enthusiasts about cellaring wines as an investment for the secondary market.


We were engaged to manage the first Re-corking Clinic for Asia which had very positive response and turnout.

Penfolds received over 22 pieces with a PR value of over S$320,265, so a really great result!

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